Put your business communications in your pocket when you are on the go. Make your regular business calls as in the office, remotely join meetings & keep in touch with your business contacts from anywhere.

CONNECTOR73 app adds major functions of business phone to your iPhone. It is easy to use, incredibly advanced and free of charge.

Quick start

Use your email and password to log in

Start making business calls

Now you can start to make and receive calls

Excellent voice quality

Call transfer (attended and unattended)

Real time presence updates in case of calls start/end

Full support of your business call handling rules

Swap between two active calls

Easy access to voicemail and recent calls

Call history with list of received, missed and dialed numbers

Managed list of voice mails with detailed information of their senders

Dial-by-name directory

Real-time synchronisation with application on your computer and desktop phone

Make calls with improved Siri support and scanning

Just say "Make call to John using CONNECTOR73""

Make call to any numbers not in your contacts list by scanning business cards, papers, your computer screen and road signs


Put your business communication in your pocket, with features like voice calling, conferencing and so on. No matter where you are in the world you can make and receive calls as if you’re in the office.

Make and receive calls with your business phone number. Customers only see your business phone number, not your mobile number.

Make calls over Wi-Fi without using your carrier minutes.

All calls via the app are shown on your business invoice.

Maintain active calls when you walk away from a Wi-Fi coverage area with its automatic handover of calls from Wi-Fi to 4G connection network.

If you don’t have a 4G connection, the app will setup a so-called two-step-conversation. The platform calls your mobile number first and then connects you to the contact you chose, showing him your business phone number.

Make calls to contacts using voice commands with improved Siri Support.

Make calls by simply scanning business cards, screen of your computers, printed materials or road signs.

Gain control of your voice messages with visual voicemail.

Corporate Contacts

CONNECTOR73 service provides the possibility to maintain centralized corporate directory, which includes all shared contacts information of all CONNECTOR73 users from your company. This Contacts can be integrated part of standard Contacts list on your mobile devices. You need to have the active account and perform few simple steps to enable this feature. Same way you can connect Contacts form your Mac or Windows PC.
Detailed instruction how to enable Corporate Contacts you can find here.


Service Requirements

    • Requires iOS 10.0 or above
    • Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
    • Designed to support iPhone X

    You must have active subscription for CONNECTOR73 service. Please contact your internal IT support for more information.To use CONNECTOR73 for iOS to make calls over mobile/cellular data, you will also need a data plan with a mobile network operator/wireless service provider. Please contact your local mobile network operator/wireless service provider to subscribe.


  • What is corporate directory and how can I configure it?

    Corporate Directory is a new feature from Connector73 that is integrated with your company directory. Each service user will be able to obtain corporate contacts in the standard address book application on his Windows PC, Mac, and iPone, iPad or Android smartphone. All changes to the corporate directory are automatically synchronized with address book on all connected devices. This feature is available to all users and all subscriptions for free. To support this feature, you must configure corporate directories